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Avoid these Foods for a Whiter Smile

Avoid these Foods for a Whiter SmileAn attractive smile is an asset in many areas of life. Unfortunately, pearly whites can take on a variety of unsightly tones or become eroded with regular consumption of certain foods or drinks. Here are some of the worst offenders to skip if you want to avoid staining your teeth.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee's dark color and strong acidity make it a natural enemy of teeth. With heavy coffee drinking, teeth may take on a yellow tinge and even lose enamel, exposing them to decay and further erosion. Tea can be harmful because it contains tannins, which can stain teeth, and it becomes worse if sugar or lemon juice is added to it.

Red or White Wine

According to our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, red wine contains numerous chemicals that can stain teeth, including chromagens, tannins and acids. With regular wine consumption, teeth may even turn gray due to acidity. Unfortunately, a study by the New York University School of Dentistry found that a switch from red to white wine won't fix the problem.


Fruits and berries that are brightly colored can easily stain teeth. Cherries, cranberries, pomegranates and blackberries are among the worse choices in this area. Naturally, the juices are just as likely to cause problems.


Although candy may seem like an obvious thing to avoid for your dental health, many people continue to eat sweets. Hard candies, sugar-sweetened gum and other junk food feeds oral bacteria that cause tooth decay. Our expert in teeth whitening in Beverly Hills says that sugar-free candies sweetened with xylitol may actually help prevent decay.

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