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BH Dentist

BH dentistTeeth can become extremely damaged that they cannot be restored. In such situations, dental extractions or root canal treatments may be necessary before orthodontic and other types of procedures can be performed. Our BH dentist is dedicated to performing extractions, root canals, and other restorative options that can improve your oral health.


Root canal treatments are performed when the nerve tissue of a severely damaged tooth becomes infected or abscessed. The tissue will then disintegrate as bacteria begin to grow inside the chambers of the tooth. Our BH dentist will perform a root canal to remove the infection in order to save the tooth. An abscessed tooth often experience increased sensitivity or is painful and may become swollen. If left untreated, infected teeth can harm the bone at the base of the tooth or infect the surrounding tissue.


In order to salvage the tooth, our BH dentist will concentrate on eliminating the infection. We will first anesthetize the area to guarantee your comfort. Sedatives are available if you are anxious or fearful. Once the spot tooth is completely numb, our BH dentist will remove the infection, bacteria, and damaged portion to save the tooth. After cleaning and shaping the roots that lies within the tooth chamber, a temporary filling will then be placed to help protect the tooth. After the infection has been completely contained, the tooth will be sealed and restored with a dental crown or filling.


On the other hand, dental extractions are performed when a decayed tooth cannot be repaired. During the procedure, we will first numb the affected area. Sedatives are also available for those with anxiety. Our BH dentist will then remove the damaged tooth. We may apply sutures and will instruct you to bite on gauze until the bleeding subsides. Recovery from this procedure usually occurs in a few days. Rinsing with warm salt water can reduce inflammation and swelling, however, this should only be completed after the initial 24 hour period following the surgery. Adhering to a soft foods diet following the dental extraction is highly recommended. Avoid using straws or drinking carbonated liquids since both can dislodge the blood clot that promotes healing and may increase the chance of developing a dry socket. Once fully healed, we may recommend other treatments to restore your missing tooth back to its most natural state.


Contact us for a consultation if you are suffering from tooth pain or increased sensitivity.

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