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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental Fillings

Dental FillingsDental fillings are one of the more common dental restorations. They are commonly used to repair tooth decay or minor areas of damage. Common dental filling materials include composite resin, porcelain and amalgam. Our Beverly Hills dental fillings specialist will help you determine the best type of dental filling to restore health, function and beauty to your smile.

If our Beverly Hills tooth colored dental fillings specialist discovers tooth decay during a routine dental checkup, we will explain your options. The location of the cavity, bite forces, durability, cost, aesthetic concerns and your own preference will all be considered. After the affected area is anesthetized, or numbed, our dentist will remove any decayed enamel and clean the tooth. If a white filling is being used, the tooth will also need to be isolated. This prevents moisture from interfering with the bonding process.

Specialist for Dental Fillings Beverly Hills

Our specialist for white dental fillings in Beverly Hills will then apply a special etching liquid to create a rough surface ideal for bonding and then add adhesives to ensure a secure bond. The composite material will then be placed, shaped and hardened using a special high-intensity light. Once the white filling has been cured, it will be shaped and trimmed again before being polished thoroughly to match the other teeth.

Once a tooth colored filling is placed, you can use it right away, unlike amalgam fillings, which will usually need to set for several hours. Our specialist for dental fillings in Beverly Hills will explain how best to care for your new dental fillings. Twice-daily brushing, daily flossing and regular checkups can reduce the risk of needing more dental fillings in the future and help protect your new dental filling from damage.

Contact our Beverly Hills dentist today to schedule a dental exam and learn more about your options.

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