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Dental Implants and Their Safety

Dental Implants and Their SafetyMany patients wonder whether dental implants carry the same risk of infection associated with crowns. Patients who receive dental implants are less likely to suffer infections compared to those who get crowns, but they can also expect to pay more for the features of implants. Here's a deeper look at dental implants and these risks.

Materials and Construction

Dental implants are made of titanium, an incredibly resilient metal, and implanted directly into the patient’s jaw. After the implant has healed, the dentist places a cap over it. Finally, after several more months of healing, the patient has implants that look and work just like real teeth. Because dental implants do not move like crowns may, they are more reliable replacements for real teeth over the long term.

The Choice of Dentists

According to our dentist in Beverly Hills, the risk of infection associated with dental implants makes the choice of a dentist important for the patient's health. In some cases, infection resulting from dental implants can damage nerves and cause pain or numbness. Dental implants are essentially prosthetic devices being added to the body, which means that patients should choose a reputable dentist who has experience with this procedure.

Our expert in dental implants in Beverly Hills says that the foreign nature of dental implants can make them prone to viral or bacterial infection. For this reason, some patients with immune system problems have to get a bridge instead of an implant. However, prompt installation of a dental implant will also cover spaces between teeth that can harbor food particles and infection-causing microbes.

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