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Foods that Can Leave Stains on Your Teeth

Foods that Can Leave Stains on Your TeethOur Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist offers several teeth whitening treatments that can help restore a brighter, more youthful smile by whisking away stains from tobacco, foods and beverages. After your teeth have reached your desired degree of white, you can maintain their appearance by avoiding staining foods.


Before the onset of artificial dyes and coloring agents, people often used foods and natural substances to dye cloth. Any food, beverage or substance that is strong enough to dye cloth is also strong enough to leave stains on teeth.


Coffee, tea, colas, soy sauce, curries and berries are some of the worst offenders when it comes to staining teeth. These stains may develop slowly, which means that heavy coffee or tea drinkers are more likely to notice yellow stains before those who only enjoy occasional cups of coffee. Because heat opens the pores of your enamel, stains from hot foods or beverages can penetrate more quickly and efficiently.


Limiting your intake of these foods and beverages can help reduce stains. Drinking through a straw can help minimize contact between the beverage and your teeth, and rinsing with water after enjoying any staining food and beverage to help rinse away natural dyes. Avoid brushing right away since it can damage acid-softened enamel, but brush after half an hour to help polish superficial stains.


Regular dental cleanings and touch-up whitening treatments can also help you maintain your newly whitened smile. Contact our specialist for teeth whitening in Beverly Hills today to schedule your consultation.

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