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Fruit Juices can Damage Your Teeth

Fruit Juices can Damage Your TeethFruit juices are a popular alternative that many parents believe are healthier than sodas or fruit-flavored drinks. Although it is true that fruit juice can provide valuable nutrients, it is equally true that fruit juices may not be good for your teeth. Our Beverly Hills dentist explains.

Fruit juice has high sugar content, but it also has a high acid content. This combination can be extremely damaging to teeth. The acid can begin to erode the enamel while the sugar feeds oral bacteria and contributes to plaque formation. The acidic byproducts of the bacteria combine with the acids of the fruit juice for an even more corrosive effect.

According to Kathy Harley of the Royal College of Surgeons, even natural fruit juices can increase the risk of developing tooth decay and cavities. Parents can reduce these risks by encouraging their children to drink water or milk and limit their juice consumption to just one to two glasses a day. Kids may benefit more from eating fresh fruit, which has the same nutrients as the juice along with essential fiber. Kids and adults alike may enjoy a splash of fresh fruit juice in their water for a touch of flavor without as much harmful sugar or acids.

Kids can also reduce the risks associated with juice consumption by using a straw to minimize contact and by rinsing with water after enjoying juice or fruit. Waiting 30 minutes to brush after drinking juice or enjoying another snack gives teeth an opportunity to remineralize. To learn how your diet can affect your dental health, contact our office and schedule an appointment with our expert in dental extraction in Beverly Hills.

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