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Harmful Effects of Chewing Tobacco

Harmful Effects of Chewing TobaccoAlthough many people chew tobacco as an alternative to the seemingly more harmful habit of smoking, it may not be a safe choice after all. According to the American Dental Association, chewing tobacco contains nearly 30 carcinogenic toxins. Our Beverly Hills dentist warns that these toxins not only increase your risk of oral cancer, but they can also increase your risk of numerous other dental health problems.

Because chewing tobacco can interfere with healthy blood flow, you may be more prone to periodontal disease. You may be more likely to suffer from tooth sensitivity, bleeding gums, a receding gumline and tooth loss. Chewing tobacco can lead to delayed healing after dental procedures, which can limit your options for treatment. You may be more likely to suffer complications after a root canal treatment or routine dental extraction, and you may not be a candidate for dental implants, which are the healthiest replacement for natural teeth.

Chewing tobacco can reduce your sense of taste and your sense of smell. You may also notice that your teeth and tongue are stained and that your breath is chronically bad. Teeth whitening can help remove these stains, but quitting the habit is essential to preserving your oral health.

Tobacco is an addictive substance, but you can beat it. Following a nutritious diet plan and exercising regularly can help your body function at its best during the stressful process of quitting. Our dentist can provide you with tips and tools that can help you kick the habit. Contact our expert in teeth whitening in Beverly Hills today to learn more.

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