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How Dental Health is Affected by Stress

How Dental Health is Affected by StressIt is commonly known how much stress can negatively affect the body and mental well-being. However, stress can affect oral health as well. Not only can stress cause an individual to neglect their oral health care hygiene but it can also increase pain sensitivity symptoms from conditions present in the mouth. Stress can also result in many other negative effects to dental health.

Stress can frequently result in teeth grinding, or bruxism, which typically occurs during sleep. A mouth guard can help reduce harm to the teeth from this grinding. Grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw can lead to temporomandibular joint disorder, often referred to as TMJ or TMD. TMD results in pain and reduced functioning of the joint in the jaw and may require the use of special appliances or forms of physical therapy.

Sores and discolorations can also occur in the mouth due to consistent exposure to stress. These sores can be painful at times and may develop into ulcers. Burning inside the mouth may also occur due to stress.

Dry mouth and gum disease are also commonly reported for those who experience regular stress. It is important to seek out ways to reduce the negative ways that stress affects the body and the mouth.

If you experience stress on a regular basis, visit our dentist in Beverly Hills for an examination. Regular checkups are important to help reduce permanent damage that stress can have on dental health while treating any conditions early before they become severe.

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