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Importance of Fluoride for Your Teeth

Importance of Fluoride for Your TeethFluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is added to the drinking water of nearly 70 percent of Americans. It can strengthen your teeth and make them more resistant to the bacteria that contribute to tooth decay. Our dentist in Beverly Hills recommends the use of fluoride to protect teeth against cavities and other dental health problems.

Researchers first began to study fluoride in the 1900s. A young dentist noticed that children in Colorado Springs tended to have teeth with a mottled brown appearance but that were surprisingly resistant to decay. The link between the stains and the water was not made for several decades when other towns noticed similar phenomena. Since the discovery of fluoride, it has been increasingly added to public water supplies to reduce the incidence of dental caries, which is considered one of the most common chronic health conditions in children.

Fluoride works several ways to reduce tooth decay. The mineral interferes with the metabolic processes of oral bacteria, which means they are unable to reproduce and thrive. Fluoride also strengthens dental enamel and helps it remineralize more quickly and effectively. The benefits of fluoride are strongest in those who have reduced access to good dental care, or those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Our Beverly Hills dental fillings expert may recommend topical fluoride treatments if you commonly drink bottled water instead of tap water or if your community does not offer fluoridated water. We may also recommend topical treatments if you are prone to cavities or have a history of tooth decay. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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