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Main Differences between Invisalign and Braces

Main Differences between Invisalign and BracesOrthodontic treatment can straighten your smile and improve your dental health. Before Invisalign was available, patients only had the option of metal braces. However, many adults were unhappy with that option due to the appearance of the metal brackets and wires. Our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills is pleased to offer Invisalign as an alternative.

Unlike braces that are bonded to the teeth, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that are removable. This means you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about damaging your orthodontia. You can also easily clean your teeth by brushing and flossing just as you always have. Invisalign is also comfortable. Brackets can be irritating to the soft tissues of your mouth, but the smooth surfaces of your Invisalign aligners will not rub, pinch or cut your cheeks or lips.

Although Invisalign is a popular choice with older teens and adults, it may not be right for every patient. Invisalign cannot move teeth vertically. Traditional braces can make a wider range of precise movements, which makes them a better option for certain severe misalignments and malocclusions. Traditional braces can promote optimal alignment and stability for these patients.

The costs for Invisalign and metal braces can vary widely. Because both procedures are generally covered by dental insurance, you can decide which treatment is best suited to your needs without having to worry unduly over the price tag.

Contact our expert in Invisalign in Beverly Hills today to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign.

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