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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentWhen a tooth has been severely damaged or decayed, the pulp, or nerve tissue that is located inside the tooth, can become infected, or abscessed. The tissue will break down as the bacteria begin to reproduce inside the chambers of the tooth. If you have an abscessed tooth, our Beverly Hills root canal treatment specialist may recommend root canal treatment to remove the infection and preserve the tooth.

An abscessed tooth often signals its presence through increased sensitivity, pain and swelling. If it is not treated, the infection can damage the bone at the base of the tooth or drain into the surrounding tissues. Our specialist for root canal treatment in Beverly Hills will focus on saving the tooth and eliminating the infection.

Specialist for Root Canal Treatment Beverly Hills

You may need one or more visits to our Beverly Hills root canal treatment specialist in order to treat the tooth. Images may be taken to determine the extent of the infection and the shape of the root canals. Our dentist will then anesthetize your gums in order to ensure your comfort. If you are anxious about the procedure, you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry.

Once the area is entirely numb, our specialist for root canal treatment in Beverly Hills will remove the infection, bacteria and damaged tissue in order to clean the tooth. In case of severe infection, medication may be placed inside the tooth along with a temporary filling. Once the tooth is completely healed and the infection is cleared, the tooth will be permanently sealed and restored with a dental filling or dental crown.

If you have been suffering from tooth pain, throbbing or increased sensitivity, you may have an infection. Contact our Beverly Hills dentist today to schedule an appointment and learn about your treatment options.

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