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What to Eat to Prevent Cavities

What to Eat to Prevent CavitiesBrushing and flossing your teeth and visiting our Beverly Hills dentist every six months can help you reduce your risk of cavities. However, a healthy diet also plays a major role in your dental health. The right mix of nutrients and limited amounts of foods that can promote plaque and bacteria can help you build and strengthen your teeth from the inside out.

Teeth are a kind of bone, which means that calcium-rich foods are essential. Low- or non-fat dairy, calcium-fortified juices and dark green, leafy vegetables are all good sources of calcium. The body needs vitamin D to properly absorb calcium. Fortified milk and juices can be good sources of vitamin D. Your body can also make its own vitamin D with 15 minutes of daily sun exposure. Vitamin C can strengthen the health of the supporting structures of your teeth. Find it in citrus fruits, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

What you eat is just as important as what you do not eat. Avoid sugary, processed foods, which can contribute to plaque formation and feed acid-producing bacteria. Simple carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, potatoes and other starchy foods can form a sticky film on teeth that can be difficult for saliva or water to rinse away, so limiting these foods can help your teeth stay healthier. Soda, sports drinks and other sweetened or acidic beverages can also be hard on teeth. Choose fluoridated water instead, which can help your enamel stay stronger.

Contact our office today to schedule a checkup with our Beverly Hills root canal treatment expert and learn more about how you can keep your smile healthy.

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