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When a Wisdom Tooth Needs to be Removed

When a Wisdom Tooth Needs to be RemovedWisdom teeth, which tend to erupt in a person’s late teens or early 20s, are the last molars to appear. Most people have one to four wisdom teeth. In some cases, our dentist in Beverly Hills will recommend that patients have their wisdom teeth removed in order to preserve their dental health and reduce their risk of future complications.

Although some wisdom teeth may never cause problems, some cause problems serious enough to significantly affect a person’s dental health and risk the health of the gums or the other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth, or teeth that erupt incorrectly or do not erupt at all, can affect adjacent molars, increase the risk for infection and lead to gum disease.

Impacted wisdom teeth may cause few or no noticeable symptoms initially. However, an impacted wisdom tooth is extremely likely to cause serious dental health problems over time, which is why our dentist may recommend extraction. Symptoms of infection or other wisdom tooth-related issues include chronic or intermittent bad breath, pain, swelling and jaw discomfort.

Extraction can help prevent these serious complications and provide more room for the remaining teeth, which can help prevent overcrowded teeth. Those who are particularly anxious or nervous about the procedure may be candidates for sedation dentistry. Our dentist may provide you with inhaled or oral sedation, which can calm you and leave you feeling more comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

Contact our expert in dental extraction in Beverly Hills to schedule a comprehensive evaluation or to learn more.

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