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Why You Have Tooth Sensitivity

Why You Have Tooth SensitivityTooth sensitivity can interfere with your enjoyment of your favorite foods and beverages, and even cold winter air can be excruciating for those who have sensitive teeth. Our dentist in Beverly Hills sees many people who are suffering from tooth sensitivity. Understanding its causes can help our patients reduce their discomfort.

Tooth sensitivity is most commonly caused by gum recession, worn enamel and dental erosion. Nearly 80 percent of people have gum recession by the time they reach 65, and gum disease is the most common cause. Gum disease is triggered by the bacteria that live in plaque. If plaque is not removed regularly, it can build up on teeth and irritate the gums. Once gum disease progresses past the initial stages, the damage it wreaks can be permanent and leave you with sensitive, exposed roots. Periodontal treatments can help restore gum health and reduce sensitivity.

Worn enamel and dental erosion are also common causes of tooth sensitivity. The layer of enamel protects the sensitive dentin beneath, but it can become worn or eroded by abrasive toothpastes, rough tooth-brushing, an acidic diet or frequent vomiting, such as that related to GERD or bulimia.

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, our expert in dental fillings in Beverly Hills can examine your teeth and gums to identify the source of the problem. We may recommend fillings for cavities or dental bonding for exposed tooth roots. Fluoride treatments and a high-fluoride or desensitizing toothpaste may also be recommended. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a checkup with our dentist.

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