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Importance of Straight Teeth

Importance of Straight TeethMany patients seek orthodontic treatment to achieve a straighter smile. Aesthetics are a legitimate concern, but orthodontic treatment also offers dental health benefits. If you have uneven teeth or an abnormal bite, our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist can evaluate your smile and determine the best treatment options for you.

Correcting abnormal bite patterns can reduce the wear on your teeth, bones and jaw joints. When teeth fit together improperly, which is a condition known as malocclusion, they place excessive pressure on the joints and muscles and increase the risk of chipped or fractured teeth and TMJ disorders. Orthodontics can correct bite abnormalities and ensure a more balanced, relaxed position for each element of your bite.

Uneven teeth can also lead to premature facial aging. The bones and teeth of your mouth support your facial skin and lips. When the bite is out of alignment, the facial muscles may work harder and trigger deep wrinkles around the lips and chin. A balanced, healthy bite can reduce premature aging and promote healthier support of these tissues.

Finally, orthodontics can promote good dental hygiene. Because crowded, widely spaced or otherwise misaligned teeth can often be difficult to clean, they are more prone to decay and gum disease. Orthodontics can straighten your teeth and simplify your dental hygiene routine.

Our expert in Invisalign in Beverly Hills may recommend traditional braces or Invisalign clear plastic aligners to help you achieve a straighter, healthier smile. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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